The Hong Kong Prize

hongkong prize

The Hong Kong Prize aims to encourage people and institutions to promote science and technology, innovation and social development through research. The award is awarded to individuals or teams that have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovations, or have developed new products, services, or ideas which create economic, social and cultural value.

The Laureates’ achievements must also be innovative in their approach and contribute to the advancement of society. The selection is made by an independent review panel, which will assess the candidates’ scientific and technological innovations, as well as their transformation and societal value creation.

The winner of the Prize will receive HK$30 million (about US$3.82 million)–half in the form of a cash award and the remaining HK$15 million in support of a project fund, to help the Laureates further their projects. The Laureates may also choose to use the funds to launch a new research project or to expand an existing one.

In the spirit of promoting open knowledge, open access, and sharing of data, the Laureates will be required to share their results with the public through a public-access website. The website will be launched in 2023 and will be operated by a nonprofit organization that will receive a small percentage of the Prize’s revenues.

This is an exciting and important opportunity for the Laureates to show their contribution to a global community of scientists, educators, and policy makers. The Prize will be an excellent opportunity for the Laureates to promote their work, and inspire others to engage in a conversation about the future of science and technology.

The Laureates will be recognized at an award ceremony in Hong Kong, where they will receive their prizes, meet the media, and give interviews. They will be interviewed about their achievements and the ways in which they have used their research or other projects to further a more just, inclusive and sustainable society.

Some of the Laureates are involved in a wide variety of projects, including the development of a digital education platform that allows students to study anywhere in the world, as well as the development of a mobile app that allows children to practice their English language skills on the go. Other Laureates are helping children develop their critical thinking and writing skills through the use of interactive learning technologies such as augmented reality.

Moreover, some Laureates are developing solutions to the challenges facing Hong Kong in areas such as health and social care. Among the Laureates are the CEO of a company that works with children in low-income neighborhoods to improve their living standards, as well as the CEO of an e-learning initiative that provides free online courses and helps teachers in Hong Kong to prepare students for the job market.

Other Laureates have been working to advance gender equality in Hong Kong, such as the founder of an initiative that helps women and girls access the healthcare system. Several Laureates are also committed to environmental protection, such as the Founder of an eco-friendly restaurant and a Hong Kong-based social enterprise that teaches young people how to garden.