The Sidney Prize

sidney prize

Sidney Prize is an award that honors authors who write about the Southern United States. The award is given each month, based on quality of work and ability to report on social and economic issues. In addition, it offers an honorarium of $500.

There are three main prizes that are awarded through the Sidney Prize. Each prize is worth a different amount. First, there is the Thomas Robinson Prize. This is given to writers who have written about the South over a long period of time. It is named after a former student of Sidney Lanier.

Another prize is the Sidney Lanier Prize for Southern Literature. This is awarded to writers who write about the United States in a way that shows the region’s culture and history. For this reason, there is a short list of candidates to choose from. The judges have chosen eight stories from over 500 entries.

The Overland Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize is another competition for fiction. It is supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. As such, the winner of the contest will have their story published in the journal. To enter the competition, writers must submit original short stories of three thousand words or less. These entries will be judged by a panel of writers.

The Hillman Prizes are a series of awards that are sponsored by the Sidney Hillman Foundation. The organization is dedicated to recognizing excellence in journalism. The foundation accepts entry forms from individuals, organizations, and web publications. All entries must be a minimum of three thousand words and should be accessible to the American audience.

The Heather Dawn Reynolds Equity Award is also granted to writers who have done excellent research on diversity and the medical field. It is also awarded to honorees who have demonstrated an interest in social justice and a commitment to diversity.

One of the prize categories, the Hillman Prizes for Journalism, is open to writers from around the world. All entries are reviewed by a panel of judges who are interested in the quality of writing and the author’s ability to report on social and economic issues. If your work is accepted, you will receive a special subscription rate to the magazine.

Another award is the Sidney Award, which is given each month to an outstanding journalist. In order to be considered for the award, a writer must have their piece published in an American newspaper or magazine. Alternatively, a writer can write their article for a blog or news website. Finally, the Sidney award can be awarded to an investigative reporter or journalist who covers an economic issue in an honest, thoughtful manner.

There are many other prizes that are given each year by the Sidney Prize. The winner of the Sidney Award has the option to pick a special prize. They are awarded for works that are published in a magazine or in a blog, for photographs that are broadcast on American television, and for work that is published in a series on a photography site.