What Is SGP?

data sgp

The SGP package is a collection of functions and exemplar data sets designed to be used with WIDE (LONG) format data. This format provides several benefits for preparation and analysis. LONG format is a type of longitudinal student assessment data that spreads time dependent data across multiple rows. For most analyses, it is recommended to use the LONG format.

As a general rule, it is not possible to directly transclude sgpData into a data set. However, a site exists that allows users to access sgpData from the Internet. In this case, the site can be found at clabes-alfaguia.com.

If you are interested in using sgpData to run an analysis, you will need to provide a student identifier, grade level, and time. These are all required for a variety of analyses, including growth plots at the individual level. There are also other variables required for many analyses, such as ACHIEVEMENT_LEVEL and GRADE. You will also need to supply the CONTENT_AREA, ID, and VALID_CASE.

While sgpData is a panel data set, it is anonymized. All other variables are demographic variables. They are used by the summarizeSGP function to create student aggregates. Hence, they are not intended to be transcluded directly. When you make changes to your sgpData, be sure to purge your cache after making the change.

The first column of sgpData must contain a unique student identifier. This is required for analyzing the results, and it also helps with the creation of a student growth plot. Additionally, the grade level and the time associated with the assessment occurrences must be provided in the next columns. It is also necessary to provide a numeric score for each assessment occurrence.

Next, you will want to include scale scores for each year. If there are no data available for the year, you will get a value of NA for the missing data. Using sgpData, you can identify students who may not have assessed, or who did not take assessments at all. Similarly, you will know students who scored highly or poorly on a particular assessment.

You will also need to include the first name and last name of each student. If you are analyzing individual-level student growth plots, you will need the grade level and the time of the assessment occurrences. Finally, you will need to provide the SCALE_SCORE and ACHIEVEMENT_LEVEL. By doing so, you will be able to run a series of analyses on your sgpData.

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