What is the Hongkong Prize?

hongkong prize

The hongkong prize is a science competition that rewards writers who write about Asia and Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular contests in Hong Kong, and it can be a great way to build a writing career. However, it is important to read the rules and regulations carefully before entering. The prizes can be very large, and you should consider applying if you meet the requirements.

Winners of the hongkong prize are rewarded with cash prizes and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. The competition attracts thousands of applicants each year. It is open to people from all over the world, and there are many different categories to choose from. Some of the winners have even won international recognition for their work.

The judges of the hongkong prize are highly-qualified, and the winner of the hongkong prize will be able to showcase their research to an audience of scientists from all over the world. The hongkong prize is also a great opportunity for young people to make an impact on the world. In addition to monetary prizes, winners will have the chance to speak at an awards ceremony and receive global exposure.

hongkong prize is a science and technology innovation award sponsored by the Bank of Hong Kong. The prize aims to promote the development of Hong Kong as a hub for scientific research and attract talented scientists to Hong Kong. The prize is awarded in various categories, including life sciences, physical science, new materials and energy, and fintech. Each winner will receive a prize money of US$1 million and will be presented in an awards ceremony in Hong Kong.

Scientists who want to win the hongkong prize must submit an original article that meets certain criteria. The articles should be prospective or retrospective clinical studies, observational or epidemiological studies, or basic science studies. They must be the first-authored articles, and case reports, review articles, or letters to the editor will not be considered. In addition, the submissions must be completed by the end of December.

In addition to monetary awards, winners of the hongkong prize will get the opportunity to showcase their work in front of an audience of scientists from all over the world. In addition, winners will be able to gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities.

The lucky draw was held on Wednesday, and the results were announced by Justices of the Peace Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai and Tam Yiu-chung. In addition, the organisers of the lucky draw handed out prepaid credit cards worth HK$100,000 to 20 winners. This was a follow-up to the giveaway earlier this week, which saw HK$140,000 given out to 20 people who were vaccinated for chickenpox. The giveaway was the result of a partnership between Woo Kwan Lee & Lo and the Hong Kong Alliance for Technology and Innovation.